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What Is The Cost Of Having Breast Implants?

What Is The Cost Of Having Breast Implants?


Breast augmentation is credited with enhancing your profile and boosting your self-confidence. Saline or silicone breast implants are responsible for reconstructing the breast symmetry and fullness. The implants restore the original volume of your breasts after the pregnancy. This procedure has uplifted many women who felt incomplete improving their well-being. This being a cosmetic procedure it is in your best interests to opt for a health insurance provider that can cover the process. Not all insurance providers cover this health segment so inquire from your insurance provider earlier on.

How much does it cost to have breast implants?

Before making your final decision on this process, consider what this procedure entails and any possible complications that might arise from it. Take time to get the accurate figures on how much breast implants cost.

Average cost of the procedure

woman covering breast with handThe cost of breast implants depends on the country or state you have your procedure. Other factors are rates charged by your medical specialist and the implant you select. On average when we factor in the cost of breast augmentation, anesthesia and other costs surrounding the procedure, it gravitates around $7000.

For those who would like to remove their breast implants, the average cost of the procedure is $2300. It’s surprising how implant removal costs roughly the same amount as the original procedure.

What does the cost charge comprise of?

There are several factors that determine how much you are charged for breast augmentation. It begins with what type of implant you intend to have; whether silicone or saline). The fees charged for anesthesia, the costs of using medical equipment and the surgical facilities, surgery garments, medical tests, prescription medicines and fees charged by surgeons.

Comparison of saline and silicone implants

Saline implants are comprised of a silicone shell containing sterile saltwater filing. The silicone implants, on the other hand, comprise a silicone shell with silicone plastic filings. There was a time when the silicone implants were banned as they posed serious health risk dangers if they leaked. However, later on, certain versions were allowed back into the market. Before selecting an implant, consult your surgeon.

Health insurance

Very few insurance companies in the country cover breast augmentation procedures. This includes cosmetic surgery, implant removal, breast reductions and breast lifts. For all these procedures you have to part with more money. To have a clear idea of the scope of your current insurance policy, check with your insurance provider.

What is your eligibility?

woman with purple braNot everyone is a prime candidate for breast augmentation surgery. The procedure is only allowed on those who are of good health, have fully developed breasts and are dissatisfied with their current appearance. Breast surgery is a personal procedure, and different people have their unique reasons why they must go on with it. Eventually, the final decision lies with the individual. Do not feel coerced to perform the procedure because of your profession, career, etc. Take as much time as you possibly can consult with people who have had the procedure before arriving at a decision.…