Practicing With Omharmonics or Holosync

Practicing With Omharmonics or Holosync

Omharmonics and Holosync are meditation technologies that are used to relax the mind and ensure that it can concentrate or focus in a better-improved way. Both techniques increase the value of meditation sessions ensuring that the user reaps the maximum benefits which include; proper health, better sleep, improved spiritual and emotional consciousness as well as in developing strong mental and physical abilities.


man doing OmharmonicsOmharmonics acts a perfect meditation tool that ensures mastery and balance of mind power to undertake difficult challenges or even perform better in normal life activities. Omharmonics considered a next generation meditation audio technology that uses binaural beats to induce brainwave entertainment. It uses amplified ambient sounds that use synchronization technology making meditation quality levels a peak higher.

Audio files

Practicing with Omharmonics allows one to use a collection of audio files on an audio player which enables the mind to drift into deep meditation in just a few moment. Moreover, omharmonics are credited with allowing the mind to enter deep levels that improve the quality of the meditation process and serve to relax the mind in a more profound and healthy way. Interestingly, when using Omharmonics even for the first time, it is an easy application that does not require practice, experience or struggle making it a superior way of meditating frequently.


Holosync uses practical forms of acoustic technology that integrates brainwave patterns into the mind to bring about intense meditation. This technology allows the user to enjoy great values of happiness and contentment. It also drives a change in focus which brings about more concentration which improves both emotional and spiritual consciousness.

Mental and physical strength

Conversely, practicing Holosync programs enable an individual to improve their mental and physical strengths and abilities resulting to instant rejuvenation or surges of energy in the body. Moreover, the Holosync technologies are preferred in inducing wholesome approaches that enable an individual to gain quality and restful sleep. To some extent, Holosync meditation is credited for enabling the release of neurochemicals in the body that slow down the aging process ensuring that individuals keep their bodies young. Moreover, the technology is attributed to enhancing improvements in physical and mental capabilities which makes it easy for the mind to concentrate, focus, learn and memorize new concepts in life.

Healthy meditation practices

2 women doing OmharmonicsBoth Omharmonics and Holosync technologies have equally superior healthy meditation practices as they both apply synchronous neuroelectrical activity that links the two brain hemispheres making it possible to improve the overall functioning of the nervous system which impacts on improving the body to new heights of creativity, imagination, intuition, concentration and problem-solving abilities.…