Vaporizer Pen Buying Guide

Vaporizer Pen Buying Guide

Vaporizer pens also known as electronic cigarettes are the new refined, healthier and cooler alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The cigarettes are designed to produce a highly concentrated yet smokeless vapor by utilizing a heating element powered by a battery. The cigarettes resemble a pen hence are called vape pens. These enhanced cigarettes allow you to add oils, wax solutions or even liquid nicotine enhancing you smoking experience. Vape market is saturated with a variety of options making it tricky for a buyer to choose. You want to choose the best flavored, versatile and durable pen that will give you the ultimate vaping experience. Nonetheless, one has to consider several factors in selecting a vape pen.

Vaporizer Pen Buying Guidesilver vape

Long lasting batteries

Choose vape pens that utilize lithium batteries since they last long. You will find cheap brands that employ the old battery technology which have a short life and are not sustainable. A long battery life enabled you to fix anywhere and at any time.

Compatibility of concentrate

This is one of the most vital considerations in buying a vape pen. Consider whether you want to vape wax, oil or dry herbs. On the other hand, you can choose vape pens that are compatible will the three concentrates. Remember that oil or e-juice is the most accessible vaping concentrate.

Using the wrong concentrate can damage your vape pen since concentrates such as herbs vaporize at low temperatures of about 360F while oil and wax vaporize at higher temperatures. Putting dry herbs in wax or oil vaping pen will cause combustion and the release of toxic smoke instead of clean and healthy vapor.


Quality vape pens are a bit pricey costing upwards of $100. However, a quality vape pen is highly durable, and you will not need to replace it for a long time. Cheap vape pens tend to burn the concentrate or heat up extremely slow and break down easily.

Aesthetics and features

Vape pens come in elegant tube-shape forms. However, some brands tend to include additional features to stand out from the others. Smaller vape pens ensure easy portability as well as discretion. Ensure you choose a vape pen from an authentic brand to ensure you do not get counterfeits that do not offer the high level of quality standards as originals. Cheap imitations will not give you a high-quality vaping experience.

Packingwhite vape

Most products come in a compact and stylish package. Its design is both functional and neat to place on a counter top. Choose the packaging that is highly effective in protecting the products especially during shipping and also storage. However, some of the product’s packaging is made of a simple material such as plastic and cardboard. Quality product’s design is modern and sleek making the product appear to be highly attractive. The packing is fancy and luxurious and would make a perfect gift for a friend.…