Five Dental Cosmetic Procedures To Improve Your Smile


Not everybody has a perfect smile, and that is why the cosmetic dentist industry is booming. It involves professional oral care primarily to enhance the looks of the mouth and teeth as well as the smile. Without any doubt, cosmetic dentistry can significantly transform your smile and help you feel confident and satisfied about your personality. It is becoming very popular, and one can pick from different procedures to better their appearance.

If you have chipped, stained, broken, discolored or misaligned teeth just to mention a few you are a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry. However, to get that appearance that you have always desired you have to know the type of cosmetic dentistry that you need.

Teeth whitening

smiling teethBleaching of teeth with the help of whitening products is the simplest and affordable way of enhancing the looks of your teeth. It is aimed at making teeth shinier and attractive within the shortest time possible. Moreover, this procedure is painless. The drawback of teeth whitening is that it needs to be repeated from time to time to maintain the shine and attractiveness for a longer period.

Composite bonding

Also known as dental bonding, composite bonding is another common and less invasive dental procedure. In simple terms, it involves treating or covering distorted, discolored or damaged teeth with materials that resemble the tooth enamel in appearance. The process hides the unattractive regions of your teeth and makes them appear like real teeth. The big news about this method is that it can be done without planning and provides suitable satisfaction.

Dental implants

Dental implants are another quite common type of cosmetic dental procedures. The implants are metallic devices that are placed where teeth are missing or broken. During this procedure, the dentist inserts a tiny titanium screw beside the tooth to provide support to the crown. When placed correctly, implants look almost real, and you can’t differentiate between them and the real teeth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are synthetic gums that are created with the patient’s requirements in mind. They are a thin tooth shell and are used to cover the gums to enhance your appearance without much effort. The are placed after the removal of the enamel and look real. In fact, somebody can’t notice that you have them. However, this procedure is very complicated and requires precision. The veneers are put in place in front of the teeth using an adhesive to provide a real look while giving the patient an attractive smile.

Inlays and outlays

woman in dentistThese are another common type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. Inlays and outlays are also referred to as indirect filling and are used in cases of moderate or mild decay on the tooth. If your tooth lacks sufficient tooth structure to support the fillings, inlays and outlays are ideal. They are made in the dental labs using composite material and are attached to the teeth with the help of an adhesive called dental cement.

Don’t get intimidated with the high prices that are associated with some of these procedures┬ábecause most people are opting for them to enhance their appearance and change their lives for good.

Five Dental Cosmetic Procedures To Improve Your Smile
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